The Heart of Light: A Holistic Primer for a Life and Career in Lighting Design and Productionis a fresh look into the ever-evolving fields of lighting design and technology for arts and entertainment.
Full of practical information, historic perspectives, engaging projects, and opportunities for deep inquiry, practice, and reflection, this book offers a well-rounded foundation in the art, technology, and industries of light. It explores a wide range of topics, including:
   *how to observe, communicate about, and use light effectively
   *how quietive practices can deepen the creative process
   *current lighting equipment used across the various arts and entertainment industries and strategies for keeping up with its rapid innovation
   *how to choose a career path that keeps you inspired, as well as ways to search for work with dos and don’ts of effective career building
   *how to cope with and celebrate the unknown and related challenges of implementing a design under pressure
   *considerations for using self-reflection to be successful and impact positive change

From her perspective of lighting designer, educator, and contemplative practitioner, the author explores lighting not just as subject, but as an invitation to a fulfilling lifelong adventure.
Written for students of Theatrical Lighting courses and emerging lighting professionals, The Heart of Light is a must-read for anyone intrigued by the power of light.

Table of Contents
                                  1. Introduction & An Invitation 
                                  2. Observe  
                                  3. Inquire  
                                  4. Gather  
                                  5. Choose  
                                  6. Do and Adapt  
                                  7. Reflect  
                                  8. Inspiration
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